Commercial Pool Resurfacing & Repair Services

Aquathat pool resurfacing, renovations and epoxy pool coating specialists has 25 years worth of experience in the pool industry. We understand the requirements from a commercial demanding environment. 

Services include but not limited too:

  • Once off, quarterly or monthly visits
  • Equipment inspection – energy cost efficiency & sizing specs.
  • Assessing the sustainability of current maintenance practices.
  • On Site Staff Training
  • Implementation of effective pool maintenance programs
  • Detailed Reports identifying areas which require immediate attention
  • Compliant safety sign checks

Complete pool renovations can be done by us:

  • Pool Surrounds
  • Pool Equipment Plant Revamp and New Installs
  • Swim Lanes
  • Compliant Signage
  • Pool Tiling
  • Extraction and Ventilation Systems
  • Gas and Electric Heating Systems
  • Automated Pool Water Management Systems
  • Pool Surface Replacement and Resurfacing

For further information, call Gary on 0402 868 066 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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