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AquaSheen Epoxy Premium High Build Epoxy Coating

Save thousands. As an alternative to re-appling quartz render or fiberglassing just because your swimming pool is stained? You can get excellent results with a durable, decorative Epoxy Pool Paint at a much lower cost. Pool renovation is now easier and even touch-up repairs at any stage is easy at a fraction of the cost compared to other lining options. 

Rain resistant within 3 hours after application (25 deg C). With a little bit of research you can save yourselves from a potential disaster, especially during the rainy season. Ensure you enquire about this specification when buying any product (read the datasheet available). Traditional indoor floor epoxy solutions sold as swimming pool paint is just not up to it! Rain will not damage this product after a few hours of drying resulting in pigment wash or discolouring. (6 hours in winter times). Aquasheen Epoxy Pool Paint was developed for 24/7×365 submerged conditions and quick waterspot resistance.

No more scrubbing and algae treating the pool. You can now enjoy 100% resistance against algae stains. Algae won’t cling to this enamel, gloss pool paint. Algae growth is drastically reduced. The water can be kept clear and blue with less effort.

Pool Maintenance Is Now Easier Than Ever. Normal Chlorine based Swimming pool chemicals, pool acids and recommended products can be added directly into the pool without the fear of staining the epoxy paint layer.

A Beautiful Sparkling Pool For Many Fun filled Summers. The expected lifetime of our pool paint epoxy is 8-10 years under well-maintained water conditions. Under more severe conditions the lifespan can be expected to be reduced to 5 or 6 years. Touching up is cost-effective; when the paint layer starts to wear thin, re-applying two new top-coat layers is quick and easy.

Save 50%-70% On Chemicals. Maintenance is a breeze with an epoxy-coated swimming pool. Many clients have reported a 50% saving on chemicals and pool maintenance costs. Aquasheen Epoxy Pool Coating can be used in conjunction with salt chlorinators set to the minimum required dosage.

Fore more info visit www.aquasheen.com.au

Aquasheen Ultra Seal Epoxy Primer

Aquasheen Ultra Seal Epoxy Primer is part of Aquasheens Epoxy Paint prime and seal system. It is mainly used no concrete pools as a primer layer before applying Aquasheen Epoxy paint to help create a durable bond that will ensure a non porous bond between paint and surface.

Luxapool Epoxy Pool Paint

Luxapool (2-pack) Epoxy Pool Paints are excellent for all new swimming pool applications and can be used to give a beautiful luxury finish to older pools. Luxapool Epoxy Pool Paints are also well suited to application over old and new cement render, fibreglass, marblesheen and also previously painted epoxys. 

Once cured, Luxapool Epoxy Pool Paints provide a smooth and hard surface which is very easy to maintain. All Luxapool Epoxy Paints feature a durable finish with improved resistance to chalking, resistance to the effects of salt-water and chlorinated chemicals, is algae controlled and safe for use with fish and mammals. 

Rainbow Quartz Pool Plaster

Make a statement with your concrete pool renovation by finishing it in Rainbow Quartz, giving it a sophisticated colour and smooth texture. Rainbow Quartz comes in a range of coloured renders, used for the interior lining of concrete pools. The product is colour coated, blended and packaged at the local Wangara factory, and then mixed with pure white Danish cement onsite, before being applied to the pool surface by highly skilled tradesmen.

Rainbow Quartz is a preferred interior finish for concrete pools in Western Australia, whether your pool is a new build or a renovation project. Pool owners love the look and feel, and pool builders and plasterers appreciate the product’s ‘workability’ and finishing characteristics. You will love the ‘value for money’ that this locally manufactured product offers. Contact info@aquathat.com.au to get a quote on the best option to restore your pool. 

AstralPool Viron Range - Engineered for Environmental Excellence

Everyone is conscious about the environment, water and how much your swimming pool is costing you. With these factors in mind, AstralPool have come up with the environmentally friendly Viron range. Designed to save energy, water and time. The Viron range is the responsible choice for your swimming pool.

For a complete Pool Automation System, Aqua That recommends the AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium Total Ai mode, which will consist of the Viron EQ main control unit, a pH Probe, Chlorine Probe, Viron XT Pump and all this with Bluetooth Control through the ChlorinatorGO App.

This full automation system will measure pH and dosing of Acid. Full automation of measuring chlorine levels and adjusting output on Chlorinator Cell. Adjusts the Viron XT Pump speeds accordingly to water and outside conditions. Ensure correct water turnover and correct chlorine levels, then controls pump speeds to maintain these levels. Will sense changes in water conditions and adjust.

AstralPool ChlorinatorGo Bluetooth App Control

Take control of your AstralPool Chlorinator, and to the next level by going wireless with Bluetooth® control. (Free App)

  • View your water balance
  • Auto or direct manual control
  • Schedule and adjust timers
  • Control compatible AstralPool lights and pumps (controlling pumps will require an additional comms interface device*)

All of this to keep your pool safe, healthy and looking great for you and your family.

Maytronics Mineral Swim System

Aquathat can convert your chlorine or saltwater swimming pool to the Maytronics Mineral Swim System or install for new pool start-ups.

The Mineral Swim System combines the benefits of magnesium-rich 100% Dead Sea minerals with the natural ozone-to-oxygen purification process. Ideal for general skin hydration and helpful for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, the Mineral Swim System will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

With every purchase of a Maytronics Mineral Swim System, you will get a complimentary female and male gift skincare gift pack. 

Spa Electrics LED Pool Light

  • ​Suitable for Concrete, Fibreglass and Vinyl pools
  • External Heat sink allows for superior LED cooling  
  • L.E.D. life of 50,000hrs (rated) 
  • Kind to the environment, operating on approximately 88% less energy than a normal 100watt halogen light 
  • Direct Connect Patented electrical connection eliminates possible sources of water entry
  • Slotted rim allows water circulation behind the light eliminating stagnant water and aiding in cooling 
  • Choice of rim colours including: White, Black, Grey 
  • Ceramic Light Engine is available in Blue, Green, White or Multi-colour  
  • Simple installation and one screw mounting for ease of service
  • Supplied with 20m cable 
  • IPX8 waterproof rating  
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia 
  • Patented design

Solor Pool Covers and Rollers

Since 1989 Elite Pool Covers have designed and manufactured an extensive range of high quality affordable manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic pool cover systems for the harsh Australian climate. 

Elite Pool Covers are sold and used by customers all around Australia including being used on commercial swimming pools as their quality is second to none.

Should you be interested in installing a pool cover with your swimming pool renovation, Aquathat would be happy to quote you. 

Astral Inverter Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a very energy-efficient heating option for your pool and a great alternative for areas that don’t have a natural gas connection. It uses the same technology as reverse-cycle air conditioners, extracting heat from the air and transferring it to water through a series of processes. 

Why not extend the swimming season and enjoy warm water that is comfortable to swim in my investing in a heat pump for your pool.

Aquathat can supply and install heat pumps for you as well as advise on the right size heat pump for your pool. 
To get in touch for a price or more info, please click on the link below. 

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