Aqua That Pool Renovators are Specialists in Swimming Pool Renovations across Perth

Aqua That pool renovators are the specialists in Perth when it come to pool restorations, renovations and resurfacing, renovating old or deteriorated concrete and fibreglass swimming pools, as well as, repairing all forms of structural problems and general pool repairs.

Aqua That Pool Renovations is a fully owner operated company that specialise in concrete and fiberglass pool renovations in Perth. This means that we provide a complete integral and reliable repair to your pool once and for all.

We realize there is lots of information available on Google and often misrepresented due to various comments and understanding or terminology. We hope that we can clarify some information but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any of this process in detail.

No job is too big or too small for our team of experts!

Pool Renovation Process explained in brief: What we do........

Aqua That Pool Renovators will drain the pool as part of our process; this will confirm the current state and integrity of the pool surface.  If your pool is fiberglass we will appropriately brace the pool prior to draining any water, this is very important!

Some surfaces available:

  • Painted surface
  • Epoxy coated
  • Fibre lined
  • Plastered
  • Quartz rendered
  • Pebble lined
  • Rendered
  • Fully Tiled
  • Vinyl Lined

Through experience and industry knowledge we collectively inspect for the following: 

  • Hair line cracking
  • Worn areas
  • Rusted areas
  • Concrete spalling, steel reinforcement rusting and expanding under the concrete
  • Cracks and leaks
  • Pool Lighting and Fittings
  • Skimmer Boxes
  • Aqua That pool resurfacing experts will check all the equipment to ensure that once the pool surface is restored and looking great the water quality will look great too

Aqua That pool resurfacing experts takes pride in the fact that we do not cut corners when preparing the surface, as correct surface preparation is crucial to a long lasting end result which our customers want and expect.

These steps will include but is not limited too:

  • Acid washing the pool
  • Neutralising the surface
  • Removing Oils and Body fat composites
  • Grinding, Sandblasting and Sanding the surface as required
  • High Pressure Blasting the pool and tiles
  • Repairing damaged areas with specialise pool specific materials such as composite plasters, epoxies and sealants

Removing old tiles from pool waterline would be part of the preparation stage in step 3. However some pools never had tiles in which case we will prepare a surface accordingly. Either way it’s the preparation of the surface which will ultimately ensure a great and long lasting finish on your waterline. We are the pool waterline tiling experts. Again only pool specific adhesives and grouts will be used during our process.

We offer the complete solution, a great pool surround will ensure many hours of enjoyment. We specialize in the following options:

  • Timber Decking
  • Formed Concrete Edging and Honed concrete surrounds
  • Bullnose Paving

Often prior to applying our Epoxy Pool Coating system we will have to re-plaster/render the pool surface first. Once cured, all newly rendered surfaces will be sealed with a specialized Epoxy Pool Primer sealant which will be painted on.

Final coating is only as good as the preparation taken prior to application of Epoxy Pool Paint. Most surfaces needs to primed and sealed in some form, either by using fiberglass or specialized epoxy primer sealants. If a pool has been painted before it should have been primed, its part of our process to asses this. Our pool painting technicians are experts at handling epoxies. To give you an idea: can you paint 40 sqrm within 50 min of mixing a kit of Epoxy? This includes cutting in and rolling of the product. At least 2 coats will be applied within a 24 to 48 hour period depending on the temperatures.

We have to consider many factors such as the below but not limited too:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Weather Forecast
  • Ground Water
  • Tides in coastal areas

Once coating is cured (usually around 7 – 10 days depending on temperatures) its time to fill your pool back up again. This is when all water-balancing chemicals need to be added back to the pool. New water out the tap has low mineral levels and needs to be altered to be better suited for a pool environment.

As part of our process Aquathat will provide an aftercare guide with details on water balancing requirements as well as tips on how to look after and maintain your pool.

We also want our customers to be knowledgeable on their newly renovated pool so we make ourselves available for after sales phone support.

Contact us now to receive a no obligation FREE quotation and expert advise, we hope to hear from you soon.

Do you need re-plastering, remodeling, or some other pool renovation?

Are you envisioning a newer, bigger, better, or more technologically advanced swimming pool?

We are experts at all types of pool renovation, including remodels, repairs, and improvements. If you’re ready to show your pool some love, or if it’s time for a major backyard upgrade, give us a call! We will carefully analyze your current pool, walk you through the various options available to achieve your desired results, guide you in choosing the best solutions, and prepare a detailed cost estimate for the pool renovation you’ve selected.

We have renovated and remodeled numerous pools in Perth, Western Australia. We have the skills and experience needed to complete any job, no matter what your pool improvement needs may be. We’ve done everything from straightforward re-plastering jobs to extensive pool expansions. We’ve even partnered with other vendors to unveil complete outdoor environments! There are so many features to consider for creating the pool of your dreams!


We can add features such as:

  • water features
  • pool lights
  • swim up bars
  • water jets
  • equipment covers
  • and much more…

Custom made water features. Our client wanted a replica of what they had in their Bali Villa. 

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