Perth Pool Re-Plastering

Aquathat Swimming Pool Resurfacing Perth can offer a few different methods of resurfacing a pool, through our extensive experience in the pool and spa industry we have perfected the art of renovating pools in Perth WA. During our no obligation consultation onsite we will discuss these options with you and see which one will best suite the surface and type of pool, your expectations and of course the budget.

Concrete Pool Resurfacing Options

Concrete pool renovations is a big part of Aquathat Pool Renovations portfolio and expertise. When concrete surfaces degrade over time its mainly a case of the cement that keeps the render together thats worn away, this leaves the pool with a very coarse and often rough finish thats not very friendly to most families, especially the kiddies feet. There is mainly two methods that Aquathat would use to resurface concrete pools.

Rainbow Quartz Render

Aquathat only uses the best products to resurface every pool we get trusted to do. With so many products on the market available today we have to choose carefully. With experience we have come to realize that RainbowQuartz is one of the better products available to date. The plaster is premix with colour and oxides in a controlled environment using only the most sophisticated machinery available. This produces a uniform and consistent plaster every time. Of coarse the product would be no good if we didn’t have the best plasterers in Perth, results and client feedback have proven we do.

Why we use Rainbow Quartz to Render Pool

A very popular choice of plaster in WA is Rainbow Quartz due to the fact that it is locally manufactured in WA with a unique mix of locally quarried quartz aggregates and colouring techniques. 
First formulated in the 1990’s by an experienced perth pool builder it was developed to withstand a great amount of pressure, sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Many years of development and research have gone into creating the products and they are always innovating, improving and developing their range. 

Rainbow Quartz is the recommended choice for quality pool restorations!


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