Tiles in a pool is an integral part of not just the aesthetics, but they are very important as a practical easy to clean surface. Most ceramic tiles have a hard wearing surface that doesn’t absorb dirt and would be hard wearing. Aqua That only use specific “pool safe” tiles that has been specifically designed for permanent submersion and chemical resistance.

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Aqua That has tiled hundreds of pools and one thing we come to realise is thats there is no shortcuts in doing it right the first time. We use only pool specific tile adhesives and tiles made for pools.

We carefully remove the tiles between the render and bullnose pavers by cutting top and bottom with a diamond cutting blade. This ensure that the surface is kept in tact and the bullnose pavers stay where they are meant to be. Unless you want us to redo it all at the same time, then we will take it all off and start again.

Fibreglass Pools Waterline Tiles

Most people don’t know that fibreglass pools can be tiled. This eliminates that calcium mark and worn waterline you would usually get on a fibreglass pool. Waterline tiles offer a hard wearing smooth surface that easy to clean and long lasting.

After we have marked where the tiles will go we use grinding pads and sanders to scratch up the surface for a good key. We use flexible high strength Polyurethane adhesives, pool safe tiles and flexible grouts with added resin to make it super strong. Great results and a long lasting investment. 

Fully Tiled Concrete Pools

Luxury is the first word that comes to mind. Definitely the more expensive way of resurfacing a concrete pool. The costs is directly related to the materials used and time to prep and laying out of the format planned to be used. Most fully tiled pools will be done in a Mosaic tile mainly made from recycled glass.

We have a array of options and combinations to suite your style and design plans. Epoxy grouts will be the best option available but adds a bit extra to the costs, similar results can be achieved by using standard grouts with boosters in it. 

Glass Mosaic Tile Options

Ceramic 200 x 200 Pool Safe Tile Options

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